Divine Energy Healing – Clearing the Kundalini Channel


As part of my Divine Energy Healing training, I specialized in clearing the Kundalini Channel. This is a life changing treatment that happens gradually over 18 sessions. Kundalini is a dense physical energy that travels up the core of the spine, feeding the chakras and the rest of the energy system through more subtle channels that branch out from the spine. When the kundalini energy moves well, it strengthens and nourishes the body and nervous system.


Everyone's kundalini channel is blocked unless you have had it professionally cleared. Kundalini yoga, or a kundalini experience merely activate the kundalini energy for a period of time, and this can be quite an intense experience. Kundalini energy is within us all, in a dormant state at the base of the spine. During a kundalini experience it travels up the channel spontaneously, and this can be quite a shock to the system.  A clear channel however, allows the energy to flow freely in a consistent way. I don't work on your kundalini energy, I merely clear the channel to allow it to flow more freely.


A clear kundalini channel will allow you to deal with painful experiences in a more detached way. It provides something of a buffer or filter around you, which allows criticism, and difficult emotional experiences to have less of a crippling effect. Difficult experiences will still occur, such is life, but a clear channel will allow you to deal with the challenges that crop up. Sensitivity is such a gift when we learn how to manage it.  We all know people who seem to sail through life unscathed by the difficult experiences they encounter, and a clear kundalini channel will allow you to do the same.


While this healing is available to everyone, it is particularly advisable for sensitives, highly sensitive people, indigos and people who work in the public eye. It is also advisable for healers and anyone working with the spiritual realm.  Clearing the channel takes 18 sessions, as it is not something that can be rushed. The treatment is very pleasant, and as with all healing sessions you will feel supported, centered and relaxed both during and after each session. All healing sessions have a detoxifying effect, so you will feel your energy flowing more freely. All healing sessions will increase your connection with your intuition or higher self, allowing you to tune into guidance. Clearing the channel allows the kundalini energy to flow freely, nourishing the mind body and soul. 

The Kundalini Package currently costs £2500 or £1350 for approximately 18 sessions. The amount of sessions can vary per client, and payment can be made in installments. For a full price list and information about how to book please click here