Basic Full Moon Release Ritual

This is a basic full moon release ritual that you can use to let go of negative influences that may be weighing you down or holding you back. These may not all be external physical things or people, you should also think about this in terms of old emotions, emotional patterns or some of your out-dated beliefs. We work with the full moon energy every month to lighten up and release. Some months you may want to release some simple things like clutter under your bed, and other months may be more intense and emotional in nature. If you have a lot going on in your life, it is a good idea to focus in on three major areas for release. If you are struggling to articulate what to release, it is helpful to use the word block/blockages. e.g. 'I release all blockages to love', or 'I release all blocks to a great new job and sources of income'. It is also advisable to see what sign the full moon will be in and how this relates to your astrological chart. There are many free resources online to give you guidance about your chart and how the full moon may be influencing you. 
  1. Using a blank sheet of paper make a list of all of the things that you would like to release. Consider outdated beliefs and emotions as well as people, places, situations and things. Take your time making this list, it's a good idea to add to it gradually long before the full moon. 
  2. You can use angel cards or automatic writing if you are struggling to make your list. Tune in during meditation and ask for guidance. 
  3. It's a good idea to include 'past life vows - through all directions of time' in your release, as you may have some past life vows/baggage/commitments holding you back. If you were a nun in a past life, you would have taken a vow of chastity, celibacy, poverty and obedience. 
  4. Plan something relaxing and enjoyable for after your release like a nice bath, or a glass of red wine. 
  5. It's ideal to be out in the moonlight when you do your release, if not, seeing the moon through the window is fine. If it's a cloudy night, just focus on the lunar energy behind the clouds. The energy peaks at the culmination of the full moon, but the energy is still very potent a few days before and a few days afterwards. 
  6. Light a candle and read your list out with conviction and gratitude for the lunar energy taking your negativity away. Take your time as you do this, and see this as a type of talking meditation. 
  7. Discard your list however you feel is appropriate, such as ripping it up or burning it. 
  8. Take some deep cleansing breaths and drink a class of water to close the ritual.
      This is a very basic ritual and you should personalise it by adding your own personal touches. If you work with      crystals, definitely incorporate them into your ritual. You can also add a personal mantra, incense, coloured candles
  and angel cards. There are some really nice full moon rituals online. I really like this one from Doreen Virtue, she has a      very relaxing voice and all you need to do is make your list, lie back and listen to her talk you through the release.  
You can send me a message on Twitter @DivineEnergy, I would love to hear how your full moon release ritual goes!