Mercury Retrograde - Have a Happy Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, goes into a 'retrograde motion' three times a year and appears to be moving backwards. This is due to the elliptical orbit pattern of the planets in our solar system. As the planets are giant balls of energy that are interconnected, these large motions do affect our planet and energy system. 


Mercury is the ruler of communication and commerce, so I don't have to labor the point that if it starts appearing to go backwards, this can and will cause complete chaos with the areas that it rules. Also note that sometimes when things arrive early, it also causes chaos, so be prepared for all eventualities.


The position of Mercury in your personal astrological chart will determine the extent and way in which you are personally affected by this retrograde. On top of your own personal connection with Mercury, you must be aware that those around you will be affected. The least informed they are about the retrograde, the more likely they are to be frustrated by such unexpected and relentless chaos. Now that you know, you can factor in extra time to get to your destination and don't act surprised if companies go on strike!  You should re-read emails a million times before pressing send, actively avoid conflict, take your time over the details and you should get good travel insurance if you are booking flights. You can also refuse to become infuriated when communications, travel and business are affected around you. 


You should also avoid signing contracts or buying big ticket items like homes, cars and all electronics during the retrograde. Avoid important conversations and negotiations. Be aware that misunderstandings often cause conflict, so arguments may be erupting around you left right and center through absolutely no fault of your own.


You could have Mercury in an advantageous position in your personal astrological chart, but these are good overarching rules to abide by during the retrograde. 


It is not all bad however, there are a few benefits to the retrograde cycle. 

It's a great time to rest and regenerate ourselves. Knowing that you may be affected by delays of all types, use this unplanned time productively. Meditate, tune in, rest and relax. It's a great time to do a bit of pampering, and slow down your pace. This can be a very healing time if you choose to use the energy in this way. 


It is also a very psychic time, and you should find that your intuition is much stronger than usual. People often report an increase in dream activity during this time, so tune into your dreams for guidance, and use this guidance to prepare for when mercury moves forward again. The cycle is also a good time to 'revisit' things from the past, and this can include former relationships and old flames. You might find yourself inundated with synchronistic meetings with ex partners during the retrograde. This is so that you can release the old emotional attachment, reframe and move on. 


Now that you know....have your sense of humour handy. You can laugh at the delays, lost keys, mysteriously disappearing emails and credit cards being under and overcharged. Back up your computer a jillion times and quadruple save everything.  Don't get sucked into the drama, and you can be more compassionate towards those less informed who will be driven demented by the delays, arguments and general chaos. The affects of a retrograde can be felt for a period before and afterwards, the dates are not hard and fast. Here are my top 12 tips to help you survive the retrograde:


1. Use the energy to tune in. The retrograde is actually a very psychic time, so make the most of the slow down to tune in and use your intuition for guidance. 

2. Make a note of your dreams. Your dreams may be more vivid during the retrograde cycle. Are there recurring patterns, could this be a message trying to get through?

3. Have a healing/reading or a past life regression. We can release more during a retrograde because past experiences, relationships and situations are revisited to be healed and released. This is going to happen anyway, so you may as well use the energy to release, rather than being surprised by it when situations from your past crop up. 

4. Be prepared; back up your files, leave extra time to get to appointments, double check your bank statements and double count your change. 

5. Keep your sense of humor handy. Don't react to whatever crops up, just detach from it and try to  move on. 

6. Don't go into 'victim mode' when plans are cancelled at the last minute. See this as an opportunity to have a bit of 'me time', and be grateful for this. This is a tricky one, but if you have this attitude of gratitude and see it as 'me time'; it shifts the energy for something better to show up. 

7. Don't automatically fall back in love with your ex! Ex partners will often crop up during the retrograde. Don't take this as a definite sign that it's 'meant to be', given the energy cycle that we are in. Hold off on making relationship decisions if an ex does crop up until mercury goes direct. Maybe they are just showing up so that you can release your attachment to them. Be wise about this, and try to stay objective. 

8. Avoid buying big ticket items such as cars, homes, computers and electronics during the retrograde. These can often turn out to be faulty, and it is sensible to wait until mercury goes direct to buy anything like this. 

9. Avoid signing contracts or any important paperwork during the retrograde if possible. Put it off for a couple of weeks. 

10. Watch what you say! Silence is golden during the retrograde, because you may be misunderstood for no apparent reason. Double check emails and texts before sending, and less is more in terms of communicating with people. 

11. Do not pick a fight. This is potentially disastrous during this time, if there is an issue try to tune in for guidance and deal with it when mercury goes direct if possible. 

12. Above all try to have a positive attitude towards the retrograde cycle. Dreading something is bound to bring disaster, let's stay positive, work with the energy and see what gifts it brings. 


     Have a Happy Retrograde!