Past Life Energy – Have you been here before?


 We can be carrying an extraordinary amount of baggage from previous experiences, from our past, but also beyond that, from past lives. Imagine this building up over centuries, and bearing in mind the blatant disregard for human life in centuries gone by, some very heavy baggage could be weighing you down. 


I have released some serious past life gunk from clients during healing sessions. Lots of medieval deaths, imprisonments, murders and even the imprint of a famous serial killer, who is still alive! Clients immediately feel lighter afterwards and they feel a huge sense of relief and release. Imagine carrying the weight of a traumatic death with you, or the guilt of slaying thousands for that matter. You will not necessarily see anything nasty during a session.  I/we will be shown enough to inform without scaring, the main thing is the feeling of release afterwards. If the past life imprint would scare you, we will not be shown anything, or may just see a ball of energy leaving your field. I say 'we' because I hook you up to Divine Energy and you will be able to see what is being released during the session too. 

We are a soul in a body, and not a body with a soul. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. If you have a very strong attraction or aversion to a person or a place that is a strong indication of a past life connection. Have you ever arrived somewhere for the first time and it just felt like home? Likewise with people, sometimes there is an instant connection, a feeling of comfort and sometimes even love! Do you have an extraordinary ability to speak a foreign language without learning it? This one is called 'xenoglossy'.

 You are basically a culmination or a combination of all of the people that you were in previous lifetimes. Your personality stays relatively stable over  lifetimes. We make karmic agreements based on how we treated our soul mates/soul group in a past life and we agree to do certain things before we re-incarnate. Things like life lessons, healing, teaching and unfortunately in some cases revenge! Healing can clear some of these without the messiness.  It's not that you will never see your soul group again, but you will exist in a more pleasant way with them, they will not hurt you as much, and you will magically retain the lessons that they were supposed to teach you. It's an absolute win-win situation. 


The information from your past lives comes with you in the form of Karma Knots. Karma knots live in the spine, and they are dense bundles of energy holding karmic information and your soul 'agreements'. It's an incredibly liberating experience when you have these released, you will feel lighter, more confident and totally unburdened by the drama and sadness caused by some close soul relationships. Relationships with your soul group are always close, there is no avoiding that. You have known each other over potentially many lifetimes before. You have a lot of history with these people. You could have been married before, even many times, you could have murdered each other, been twins, rejected each other, been a parent, pet or even a cruel dictator or monarch. If you wear a lot of black and white, could you have been a priest or a nun in a past life? Feeling a bit isolated, have abundance issues?? Long bouts of 'celibacy' for no apparent reason?  All past life stuff. 


The good news is that you can release your vows to these things in this life, through all directions of time. Vows are based on your free will so you must release these yourself. You can also take a vow of abundance, why not, but just be careful what you wish for. 


Traditionally vows were released on a full moon, so get cracking with your list of things to release at the next full moon. This has been a ritual for centuries, in the last century as we have become more disconnected from the land/nature world we have lost some of these useful rituals. 

Benefits of Past Life Regression/Healing include: 
  1. Creating Space for (previous) gifts to come through - if you have been a healer/teacher/mystic or sage in a past life, regression will bring these gifts through in a current life. It unlocks your ancient gifts and talents so that they will flow in this lifetime.  
  2. Confidence to be you - It can be incredibly liberating to unlock facets of your personality that just don't seem to come from this lifetime. Do you have a regail air about you, with no blue blood? 
  3. Mystery Solved -  Your past lives often hold the clues to some of the stranger relationships that you may have, such as romantic trsysts, soulmates, twin flames and so on. When you have a past life perspective on these, it can be a whole different experience. 
  4. Clarity on life purpose - If you access a past life in a session it is for a very good reason. If you were a healer back then, chances are you still have that ability within. This can give you tremendous self confidence to move forward on a healing path for example.  If you ever doubted your gifts, you will have a new found confidence knowing that you have done it before. 
  5. Aches, Pains & Phobias banished forever - I've also released inexplicable aches and pains from people which could not be treated by conventional medicine. These are often remnants of a truamatic injury or even death in a past life. Once the past life is accessed the pain is gone forever. 



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