Divine Energy Healing

Divine Energy can be used to heal a variety of physical ailments and conditions such as: 

  • viruses, aches, pains & injuries
  • migraine, insomnia & muscle tension
  • fatigue, detoxing & weight loss
  • emotional issues  & blockages
  • the various effects of stress on the body

Divine Energy can also work wonders on any metaphysical problems such as 'hooks' and entities in the energy field, karma knots, divine lines and blocked chakras. Sometimes a recurring problem, ache or pain is rooted in a past life experience, and it needs to be healed with Divine Energy. 

There are a huge variety of protocols and types of healing energy available. The first session will comprise of a consultation to devise the most appropriate protocols and number of sessions required.   

Divine Energy Space Clearing

Divine Energy can also be used to clear the energy in your home or office. Any negative relationship or experiences such as an argument or illness can leave a negative energy imprint in your home or office. 

Previous occupants and any visitors can leave an energy imprint, and it is advisable to clear this, particularly before moving in. 

Spaces should be cleared regularly and clients should be open to moving various objects and furniture during the consultation. 

It is advisable to have your home or office cleared if you are undergoing healing as the cause of your ailment could be coming from the energy in your home or workplace

Intuitive Coaching

If you are looking for intuitive guidance or reassurance in a specific area of your life such as:

  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Career/Life Purpose 
  • Personal Life
  • Love Life

Then an intuitive coaching session could be exactly what you need. 

 I am trained to provide you with guidance and coaching using information from your own energy system. This clarity and guidance can be invaluable in terms of moving forward in all areas of your life. 

Sessions are 30 minutes and you will feel strongly connected to your intuition both during and after the session.